Choosing the right bike frame size

each size bicycle frames have different sizes, so there is no relationship between height chart man with a frame or absence of a formula to determine the proper frame size. and this article
could help us to determine the right size bike. important factors to consider are:

Stand - Over height
There should be a short distance from the top of the frame (top tube) to the hip bone rider, so the rider can comfortably when dropped or stood in the saddle with your feet flat on the ground. but if in an area that is not flat, and need comfort, we can use a larger frame size.

cockpit length

distance between the sadle and the handle bars is a long definition of the cockpit. It can also be interpreted as the effective length of the toptube, pipes and sadle with a length proportional. cockpit should be long enough to provide room to move (Clearence) for knee and elbow when the current position in the cockpit Length padle.dan untuksepeda mountain is shorter than a hybrid bike.

Leg extension

when we sit in the sadle, knees slightly bent position, but with knee conditions sadle when the position is under the ground (Almost straight). knee bending make the pain in the knee and the efficiency of energy channeled into the pedal slightly. but if your knees are too straight can also cause pain on the pedal. to a comfortable position then move the handlebar a good position should be lower than handlebar position.

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