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The first Carbon Bike Solutions

This is the first Carbon Bike Solutions production carbon fiber Sponsored Bike.

Target price is £TBA, however if your carbon frame is beyond repair, you could just have me rebuild your bike with this frame, but with the straight forks, its an option?

memories of bianchi factory a brand so steeped in cycling history that tifosi the world over know it for one thing - the company color Celeste

It was a gray and rainy day when the RBA caravan pulled into the parking lot of the Bianchi factory. Luckily, fresh memories of a fine dinner the night before in the upper (old) town of Bergamo with RBA's resident gourmand, Tim Maloney, prevented the glum weather from getting me down.

Manufacturing processes and market trends continue to literally shape the bicycle frame

Manufacturing processes and market trends continue to literally shape the bicycle frame. While not as common as it used to be, the process of butting is still used in the manufacture of bicycle frames. Meanwhile, steel, the long-running workhorse, is being replaced more and more by aluminum—its hardy cousin that grows less expensive every year. So what do you look for in a frame? Is next year's frame necessarily better than this year's?


Striving to shave precious grams from frame designs, manufacturers have employed all sorts of exotic metals and methods. Essentially, though, what you pay for is inversely proportional to the weight of your bike. The more you pay, the less it weighs.

Choosing material is right for your bicycle frame

Which Material Is Right for Your Bicycle?

It depends. Many factors—your style of riding, your weight, your sense of adventure—all play a role in your choice of material. The following paragraphs explain the different types of material commonly used on bikes. A few bikes out there are made of exotic metals, but that's another discussion entirely.

Carbon (High-Tensile) Steel 

Cervélo’s hotly anticipated new offering, the P5

The team at Reactive New York kicked off their year in spectacular fashion, and just three months after the opening of our US office.

The Cervelo S5 made an appearance at Wild Rock today!

You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve seen it in action at the Tour de France this year…… The Cervelo S5 made an appearance at Wild Rock today! 
First impressions

women’s specific Geometry for bike frames

Traditional bike frames were made for ‘average’ men with an equal leg-to-torso ratio, thus when a women rides a traditional bike frame we tend to notice several things.  First is the height of the handlebars, because of our longer legs, by the time we get the seat height up to where we need it, we find that we reach too far down to reach the shifters.  In addition, because the frame was designed for someone with a longer torso, we often feel ‘stretched-out’.  So, women’s specific frames will make be adjusted to get us in a comfortable position. 

1. Top-tube  The top-tube, or reach, is shorter so that we are not too stretched out, ensuring that we’re not putting unnecessary stress on the lower back, shoulders or elbows.

‪2. Headtube  The headtube is higher giving us a proper position and ensuring that we’re not in an overly aggressive position, this position

The IsoTruss carbon fiber frame

The Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike features an IsoTruss carbon fiber frame. What the hell is that you ask? Well it's a frame made of hand-woven carbon fiber strands that are then wrapped in Kevlar and baked. Each one has over 1,672 feet of carbon fiber and takes over 300 hours to build. The resulting pyramidal structure of the frame makes it not only rugged but light -- a measly 2.75 pounds. Which is pretty light. You can get the whole bike for around $12,000 or just the frame for $7,000, but